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      News — Austin

      Color: A Valuable Element of Art

      Austin Art Shows

      Austin Art Shows - When the elements of art are discussed, most people’s first thought is of color. This is because color plays an important role in our lives; it helps us convey information, influence or create certain moods, and affect our choices and decisions. In art, color is often considered before other artistic elements because it impacts aesthetics so directly and immediately.

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      3 Austin Art Exhibits to Experience Now

      Austin Art Exhibits

      Austin Art Exhibits - Austin is a magnet for creatives, drawing a mix of artists to make their artistic home in the city. With a thriving arts scene, Austin is a creative epicenter that is home to multiple galleries, museums, and other art spaces. This allows Austinites and visitors to the city to find art events and exhibits any time year-round. Read on to learn more about three Austin art exhibits to experience right now.

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      The Backbone of Art From The Streets - Volunteer Series II

      Volunteer Connection
      “I cannot change what has happened in the lives of the people with whom we work, but I can participate in providing an opportunity for people that are part of the homeless population to create art and nurture something that brings them joy and a sense of dignity and creativity.”  

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