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      How to Give the Gift of Art This Holiday Season

      How to Give the Gift of Art This Holiday Season
      There is an art to giving gifts. Give something personal and thoughtful this year to your gift list. Gifting art can be intimidating so we’re here to guide you on how to make sure they’ll love it! Art is a great gift for family members, significant others, co-workers and mentors. It’s a timeless gift that will bring them happiness for years to come.

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      Second Phase of Homeless Tiny-Home Village Breaks Ground

      austin homeless community
      Mobile Loaves and Fishes, a faith-based non-profit organization in the city of Austin focusing on ending homelessness, has officially broken ground on the second small-home village, which will be designed to serve residents of Austin who are currently homeless. The little village is called the Community First! Village.

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      East Austin Studio Tour is Here

      East Austin Studio Tour is Here

      The East Austin Studio Tour is an annual event that is free to the public and lasts for two weekends during the month of November. During this event, the public can meet many of Austin' artists and artisans in their own unique creative spaces.

      It runs from November 10 and 11, as well as November 17 and 18 from 11AM until 6PM.

      The tour is organized by Big Medium, a non-profit organization designed with the goal of both cultivating and championing artists and contemporary arts itself throughout not just the city of Austin, but also the entire state of Texas as well.

      On average, this event features over 1,000 artists and 100,000 attendees every year. Big Medium considers it a priority to offer access to these types of experiences so that they will be able to continue hosting these types of events for free and ensure that they are open to all members of the public.

      New for 2018 is the launch of Creative Standard, which is a professional development program designed for artists. The goal of this program is to enable them to regularly convene, as well as provide various opportunities, information, and resources. The program is also designed to maintain and create standards of both integrity and professionalism which the creative community will uphold and adhere to.

      Come find your new favorite local artist, support the local art community and maybe find the perfect piece for that one lonely wall in your house.

      Art From the Streets rely on generous donations of people like YOU! 
      Purchasing artwork supports the artists directly. 
      Donating to our program helps us to offer a free Open Studio 
      for the homeless and at risk. THANK YOU!