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      Original Art

      ORIGINAL ART for Sale - from Art From the Streets Austin Artists

      WE ARE EXCITED to announce this new offering of Original Art for sale through our website from Austin, TX. These pieces are made in our open studio by persons experiencing homelessness or at risk. We can't wait to grow this program in the coming year and will have new work uploaded quarterly.

      Art From The Streets (AFTS) is a local Austin, TX art studio that provides a safe and encouraging creative environment for persons experiencing homelessness. Our volunteers support and encourage artists attending our weekly Open Studio to develop their full creative potential. In many cases, the time spent with the volunteers and other artists in the open studio sessions are their only positive human interactions of the day.  Through our 29 year history, Art From the Streets has helped hundreds of homeless individuals improve their circumstances - literally and figuratively - by providing them the means to make original art. We believe that anyone can make art and that making art is good for everyone.

      AFTS is where homelessness and the arts meet to forge a creative home for original and affordable Austin street art.

      Original street art by local Austin artists for sale online, exclusively through Art From The Streets. TAKE NOTE - 95% of your purchase goes directly to the artist.