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      Can Solving Austin's “Downtown Puzzle” Truly Help The Homeless Population?

      Can Solving Austin's “Downtown Puzzle” Truly Help The Homeless Population?
      Austin is a city that has typically had a rather tense relationship with its own homeless population, similar to most other cities around the United States. Austin, however, is a town who has an unofficial mascot in the form of Leslie Cochran, a homeless man that preferred to wear women's clothing and who would later fall victim to the violence that would fall upon the city. His passing in 2012 from an injury that he had sustained three years prior prompted former Mayor Lee Leffingwell to proclaim him “the icon of Austin, who was the very symbol of 'Keep Austin Weird.” City Council would later go on to declare March 8 of every year “Leslie Cochran Day.”

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      How To Help Those Experiencing Homelessness In Austin

      How To Help Those Experiencing Homelessness In Austin
      The time has come where we all begin to experience a season full of freezing temperatures during overnight hours, meaning that Austin's homeless population will be the ones who suffer the most because of this. Additionally, these temperatures can also be dangerous to individuals sleeping in motel rooms, cars, and homes that have no heat whatsoever.

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      How To Get Started Painting

      How To Get Started Painting

      Ever wanted to start being an artist but you’re not sure how? There are a ton of ways to get started. Here are a few tips for how to get started painting.

      1. Set A Goal: What kind of pieces do you want to make? Do you want to paint landscapes? People? Abstract representations? These questions can lead to answers about what kind of supplies you might need, what kind of a workspace you’ll need, and maybe how much time you’ll need.
      2. Try Watercolor Paint: Watercolors are a great way to start getting into painting. They’re a cheap alternative to other paints because you can get a lot of colors for not a lot of money. You may need to get special paper that can handle the water and the thin translucent layers of color.
      3. Choose Your Brushes: The two main things to pay attention to when choosing brushes are the shape of the bristles, and what they’re made of. The shape is wither round, flat, or filbert. The bristles can be constructed of many different things. For beginners, shape may be more important than bristle material.
      4. Familiarize Yourself With The Color Wheel: As shown above, the color wheel is a map of colors that shows how new colors can be created. This is important for mixing colors if you’re not using water colors, and it’s a good at to understand how touching colors could end up looking.
      5. Don’t Be Afraid To Try New Things: The best part about painting is that there’s no right or wrong. There’s always a chance to try something new, listen to your heart, and put any color anywhere. Who says a banana is yellow! In your painting, it’s your world.

      The hardest part about painting is getting started. Once you get over your fear of failure, nothing can stop you from creating a masterpiece! Like we said, your painting is your world and there’s no right or wrong.


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