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The mission of Art From the Streets is to provide a safe and encouraging environment in which the positive spirit and creativity for those experiencing homelessness are nurtured through their own artistic expression.

These artistic endeavors form a pathway to self-determination by means of the sense of achievement, social connections, and income generated through the pursuit of their art. 
Because focusing on housing alone does not achieve other equally important goals that are relevant and motivating to improving and sustaining a quality of life.
Focusing on other goals can keep people hopeful, confident and productive as
they work towards access to limited housing options

Self-determination theory

States that there are three basic needs that must be satisfied to foster well-being, health and independence.


The artist has control over what they want to create.


The artist improves with practice and feedback.


The artist connects with fellow artists, volunteers and customers!
And when people connect with a broader community, they can uncover latent resources such as jobs,
housing and support networks beyond the homelessness system.

We exist through your support for the good of our artists and our city.