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      The more you can help, the more we can help.

      Homelessness is a complicated issue that requires multiple efforts. AFTS seeks to address the effects of homelessness through daily practice in a learning environment, with support from positive role models, to help foster new, positive, and creative habits. 

      Create An Art Kit

      These will be distributed to Front Steps, Integral Care Clients, Trinity Center, Caritas, TOOF, Salvation Army, Seton Shoal Creek, Families in Transition, Communities in Schools, Care Connections, Austin Street Youth, and City Owned Hotels.

      You can include your birthday, book clubs, church groups, scouts, NHS, sororities, any organization that you belong to and is looking for a way to give back. 

      Supplies you can provide in each kit- but not limited to:

      1 "sharpie" pen (color or black)

      1 pad of paper (fit in the waterproof bag)

      1 set up water color paints

      2 professional paint brushes (no child's paint kit brushes)

      Waterproof bag (order on amazon)

      Inspirational uplifting note

      Watercolor pencils (2-3)

      Colored pencils (2-3)

      Small container to hold water

      Contact us below for dropoff options


      Contact learnmore@artfromthestreets.org for Delivery Options



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