Donating to AFTS helps us offer free Open Studio for persons experiencing homelessness. Click here to DONATE TODAY!

What does Art From the Streets do?

The mission of Art From the Streets is to provide a safe and encouraging environment in which the positive spirit and creativity of homeless and at-risk people are nurtured through their own artistic expression. These artistic endeavors form a pathway to self- determination by means of the sense of achievement, the social connections, and the income generated through the pursuit of their art.

Original artwork is for sale in art shows throughout Austin, Texas. At these shows in the community the artist receives 95% of sales.


What percentage of my purchase goes to the artist?

Artists receive 60% of the final price of online artwork and merchandise sales.


Does the image on your site accurately represent what I will be sent? 

We strive for a high degree of image accuracy. However, in some cases, the visual representation may be approximate, or prints may vary slightly. 


Can I return work? 

All sales are final, we rely on the efforts of volunteers to make these sales possible. Your purchase will positively affect an artist's life.  Thank you for your support. 


How do you ship the artwork? 

Artwork is shipped through your choice at checkout.


Do you ship internationally?  

Yes, we do ship internationally at this time. 


How many days will it take to arrive? 

Artwork and merchandise is created by a separate fulfillment company. We do not store any items from the website. The fulfillment company takes 3-5 days to create the print or merchandise and then your shipping is made by your selection at check out. 


Is my purchase tax deductible?   

No, you receive the artwork in exchange for your payment.  During the checkout process you will have the opportunity to include a donation to Art From the Streets, which is tax deductible to the extent applicable. 


Art From the Streets relies on the generous support of people like you. 
Purchasing artwork supports the artists directly and 
donating to our program helps us to offer our free Open Studio, 
outreach, supplies, and the sale and promotion of artwork 
on behalf of our 
homeless and at-risk artists.