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Cathy Haynes


“I have bounced back from many hardships. You don’t have a choice, you just keep going. I enjoy the art shows and the ability to sell my work. Some of my favorite memories are the pets in my life.”

Cathy Haynes was born in Millersburg, Missouri, to a military family. Her father was a Vietnam veteran who died in combat which caused hardships for her family unit from then on. Cathy has lived in many areas since - notably California, where she enjoyed the weather, Fremont, and Corpus Christi where she attended Corpus Christi State University for a while. She states that she has always done art, in part to save money, and also for self-enjoyment. When asked how she bounced back from the many hardships she faced in life she stated "you don’t have a choice, you just keep going”. Cathy describes AFTS as "an honest program" where she enjoys the shows and the ability to sell her work. Some of her favorite memories revolve around the pets she has had in her life, including an unknowingly pregnant cat and a dog. Cathy's favorite movies are Titanic, Lawless, and E.T.