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Dawn Day

“You don’t become valuable until you are gone, which is what makes art so special.  It will live on forever, even after our time is gone”.

Dawn has been with AFTS for 3 years, yet does her best to make it to every Open Studio since she began with AFTS.  She discovered AFTS by going to the local library and finding a documentary titled Art From The Streets.  Dawn immediately was drawn to the DVD because the title of the documentary mentioned art.  When she brought the DVD back to the shelter later that night, she was ecstatic to learn that AFTS was an Austin program, literally just down the street from her.  She has since become an artist at AFTS herself.

A monumental period in Dawn’s life was the year 1994.  This was when she fondly remembers the moment when her alcoholic father became sober due to his desire to open a family art business in Orange County, California.  The company’s desire was to involve no middle men, for they were a business of self-taught artists. 

Dawn is a self-taught artist, her greatest teacher being her experience of traveling the United States.  Describing backpacking the South West as a spiritual journey, which has greatly influenced her current works.  Dawn has lived in Orange County, Kansas City, New Mexico, and now has found herself in Austin in search of inspiration.  When asked of her spiritual journey across states, Dawn states that “when you’re on your two feet walking, you notice a lot more about the World around you than when you’re zooming by”. 

Dawn views herself as a starving artist.  This being the source of inspiration for new pieces.  Which is further reflected into her passionate desire to not waste any materials, she is “appreciative of every little bit”.

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