Our artists cannot work from home. Please buy, donate or sponsor to support our outreach efforts today.
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      We give 95% of the proceeds of the sale of
      artwork back to the artist who created it.

      In order to do this, we rely on generous donations to cover operating
      expenses that keep our program running so that we can best support
      our artists and their needs.

      We appreciate any and all donations you can make.

      From $25.00

      Customized donation: please select any amount you feel you can give at this time. To create your own amount, enter the number in the "quantity box".


      Covid-19 has closed our studio for the foreseeable future. These art kits and the volunteers who deliver them are essential to helping our artists to create from the streets during this unique time.


      Our artists are further inspired to create and learn amazing things through immersive museum experiences with art professionals.