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“This is just a great vehicle, especially during a time when I’m packing and carrying my bags. Just that I’m able to do something that makes my heart merry and that lightens the load.”

Janette is a local Austinite from the St. John Community who has only recently returned to Texas. She found herself homeless after her landlord decided not to renew her lease. Once, while at the Salvation Army she was referred to AFTS. Her art began and still is a therapeutic release for her. Janette describes her initial venture into art as stemming from the horrific life event of losing her son. “My son was murdered on Mother’s Day in Dallas while I was at a homeless shelter in New York City. It was such a dark time that I couldn’t cry or shed any emotion; I was just devastated. What I couldn’t say in words I could put into painting to help ease the pain. Before I knew it, I had compiled an ensemble of art.” Janette received her general equivalence from Southern Methodist University (SMU) and was enrolled in Northlink Community College, where she studied graphic design and writing, later transferring to Brookhaven Community College. Daily life experiences are what drives Janette’s art and helps heal her, bringing her to a more wholesome place. She gets started on a new piece depending on how her day starts -bringing that moment to life and letting it speak on paper. In her artwork she favors bright colors and metallics. Food wise, she absolutely loves sushi.

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