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John Macpherson


"Art from the Streets is an outlet where I can take advantage of some supplies and materials to create my art. When deciding on a new piece I use the KISS method- Keep it Simple, Stupid as one of my professors once offered this advice.”

John Macpherson grew up in an area between the Poconos and Rochester New York before finding his way to Austin. He earned his B.A. from Texas State University and was about to start his M.A., but decided he wanted to pursue other endeavors. He had a background in art and started coming into AFTS's open studio after he was released from jail on a cold snowy day. Now, Macpherson has been attending our open studio twice a week since its inception. When deciding on a new piece he uses the KISS method- Keep it Simple, Stupid as one of his professors once offered him that advice. He starts new pieces from dreams that he has had or whatever he sees in his daily life that inspires him. His favorite colors are the millions that can be achieved by mixing colors together. Macpherson is currently in housing with the help of stipends and government support. Macpherson is an avid traveler and his favorite memory is a trip he took during the summer of 2017 throughout the southwest. His favorite food is Oysters Rockefeller.

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