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Keifred Townsend

Keifred’s favorite colors to use are black, gold, green, and red.  He favors such dark colors because “life was pretty dark”.  Keifred heard of the program many years ago from word-of-mouth.

         Keifred has been coming to AFTS for many years and tries to make it in at least twice a week.  He began doing art when he was two years old, his first memory being from pre-school.  His teachers sat him on the floor and watched to see what exactly he was capable of making, they were very intrigued by his work.  Throughout his childhood, Keifred was always very interested in art because he found school to be very boring.

         To Keifred, AFTS is a place with “different varieties of people with different skills”.  When asked about what art means to Keifred, he responded with “I don’t think of it as being anti-social, I view it as a way for me to stay out of trouble”.

         When asked of his favorite lifetime memory, Keifred reflected back to a time when he had his own apartment at eighteen.  He had the apartment for three years when he worked as a janitor in Bangs, TX.  This home holds a special place in his heart because it was his first self-made home after he had gotten out of foster care.  Keifred lived in foster care from the age of two to the age of eighteen, in a total of fifty-eight different homes.