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Kevin Lane


“Each day is different. Happy, sad, or angry…it is all me. Art gives me peace to handle each day.”

Kevin Lane has been attending our open studios for 10+ years now after joining on a whim from suggestions from his friends. He states that AFTS allows him an "escape from negative distractions that can come with life on the streets of downtown Austin''. To begin his creative process, Kevin draws inspirations and opinions from his fellow artist family, museum, art exhibits, and shows. He is always challenging himself to create something that has never been done before. One of Kevin's favorite art techniques is the ancient practice of inkblot due to its kaleidoscope-type blend. An East Texan by heart, Kevin loves T-bone steak, fishing, and hunting - all of which deeply influence his artwork. His favorite pieces include a Dallas Cowboy and abstract cowboy work - reflecting his deep love for his Texan roots.