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Lizard King

“I am still defining my style. I spend a lot of time experimenting with different techniques. My art is therapeutic. Creating art gives me a release of emotions which prevents me from becoming upset. It provides an emotional release".

Lizard King, known for his love of lizards which you'll often see accompanying him around town, is a native Texan hailing from Fort Worth. He graduated from Baylor with honors and degrees in Environmental Science and Asian Studies. He then went to Texas State Technical College where he earned an Associate in Environmental Safety and Compliance along with a certificate in HTML and Unix. He has been coming to AFTS open studio for over a year, attending 3 times a week. While he would like to plan his pieces out more his work centers around emotional content and abstract art. While Lizard King is still defining his style he spends a lot of time experimenting with different techniques. He states that his art is therapeutic and a "release his anger preventing him from becoming upset by providing an emotional release". When Lizard King is working on a new piece he avoids browns/blacks/grays since they are usually produced naturally through his color mixing. He also has a great preference for metallics and true to his name he enjoys drawing lizards. Lizard King currently lives in his car which he considers himself fortunate as he is able to help others since he's mobile. Lizard King's favorite food is Pizza despite being vegetarian and attempting to eat vegan when he can.

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