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Robert Maresh

“Art from the Streets is a chance for people to participate in society in a creative way. Instead of holding a sign out for money and panhandling, I sell art.”

Robert Maresh grew up on a ranch in Fort Worth until his father passed away when he was 13 years old. An art scholarship took him to Texas Christian University however, due to personal reasons he left after just a few semesters. He then  attended Texas State Technical College working towards an Associates Degree in Digital Imaging. Maresh attended our studio for many years and then after a brief break he returned in 2017 and has been creating with AFTS ever since. The very first time Robert exhibited his artworks they completely sold out within two days. This resulted in him making $4,000 and being asked to do an interview on KUT. When beginning a new piece he normally just starts by putting something on paper and lets it flow where it will. Nature is a great source of inspiration for his artwork and doodling in his sketchbook is where he works out his ideas- saying sometimes it's hit or miss, but that just putting the ink on paper is what he likes best.  Robert now lives at Community First, where he’s been for almost two years. “It’s great having a place, and having a door that I can close, a TV and movies.”

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