Donating to AFTS helps us offer free Open Studio for persons experiencing homelessness. Click here to DONATE TODAY!
  • Art Supplies Drive - Start an art supplies drive with your family/community, friends or colleagues with our Amazon Wish list link or Jerry's link. This can include your birthday, book clubs, church group, scouts, NHS, sororities, any organization that you belong and is looking for a way to give back. 

  • Purchase/Make Masks for us to supply to our artists during turn in and through our art kits. Contact us below for dropoff options.

  • Wellness Kit- Create a kit we can hand out during turn in to give health support. Fill plastic bags with the following items: cloth mask or bandanna, Emergen-C or Vitamin C packets, socks, gloves (disposable latex if available, otherwise any form of glove for protection), bar of soap, granola bar. Contact us below for dropoff options.