“Through My Eyes” - Art Kits: Impacting Austin's Homeless & At-Risk One Paint Brush At A Time

July 17, 2020

Healing Arts. Throughout these unprecedented times, everyone including members of the art, music and theater communities have been greatly impacted by the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Unable to safely gather has been hard for so many, including Art From The Streets


Our inability to provide Open Studio four times a week for our artists and volunteers has been devastating to the program. With the closure of Open Studio our artists have not been able to create, enjoy enrichment opportunities or participate in art shows in the community. Our mission is to provide a safe and encouraging space where the positive spirit and creativity for people experiencing homelessness is nurtured through their own artistic expression. With Open Studio and local art shows not occurring we are unable to provide the VITAL positive environment, community, support or art supplies to our artists. 


Art From The Streets has been brainstorming the best way possible to bring connection and inspiration to our artists during this time. We are working to not only help the people of our program but also other organizations that work directly with people experiencing homelessness and at risk. 


Through these brainstorming sessions a project called “THROUGH MY EYES" - ART KITS was created. The program was designed to provide members of our community supplies to create art which, we hope, in turn will give each person inspiration, reduce boredom and spark creativity.


Healing Arts



    • Watercolor Paints
    • Brushes
    • Paint pallet
    • Book of cold press papers
    • Pencils
    • Sharpie pens
    • Face masks
    • Instructions
    • Inspirational quotes


Creating art supports positive mental health by increasing pride, self-esteem, and positivity. During these times of lock down, social distancing and increasingly less human connection, we are determined to bring our artists and others experiencing homelessness an opportunity for self-expression and creative relief to combat the increasing risk of depression and isolation. 

“Through creativity and imagination, we find our identity and our reservoir of healing. The more we understand the relationship between creative expression and healing, the more we will discover the healing power of the arts.”

The first round of Art Kits were mailed to our artists in June 2020 as a prototype and within days we received many positive reports. The response was so outstanding, we got to work and packaged up an additional 150 kits - not only to be sent to the artists in our program but also to others in our community. 


    • 30+ Art From The Streets Artists
    • Clients of Caritas
    • Clients of Integral Care
    • Clients of Austin VA Clinic
    • 150 Families in transition out of homelessness through the FIT Program with Round Rock Independent School District
    • Clients of Lighter Loads
    • Clients of Street Youth Ministry

We want to supply art kits quarterly until we can gather again. The next distribution will be delivered/mailed in September 2020. We are working diligently at AFTS to offer quality supplies so each person has a positive and uplifting environment creating the best opportunity for growth, success, and encouragement during these hard times.


Healing ArtsHealing ArtsHealing Arts


A program like “Through My Eyes” - Art Kits is nothing without its volunteers, interns, and donors - the people that have worked behind the scenes to make this program prosper. We want to express our gratitude to our volunteers and donors for their time, energy and donations. Art From The Streets couldn’t do this without you - THANK YOU for helping us impact the lives of over 300 people experiencing homelessness or at-risk in the Austin area!



    • Austin Classical Guitar
    • AFTS Art supply donations
    • Online donors
    • Target - Austin South Park
    • Target - Bee Caves
    • Target - UT Campus
    • Target - 5th Street


 This program is funded solely through donations and we would love to continue creating art kits for the community with your help. If you are able - your donations at this time will go directly to support this program.


“An investment in arts ... is an investment in America’s health.”

- Americans For The Arts

Healing Arts. Thank you for visiting the Art From The Streets blog, an Austin based nonprofit that provides artistic endeavors in which the positive spirit and creativity for those experiencing homelessness are nurtured through their own therapeutic art-making. If you are looking to further discuss our program, please contact us today for more information.

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