How to develop your own style as an artist

January 30, 2020

When you browse the Art From the Streets artists prints you quickly notice that each of our artists has their own unique style. It could be reflected in the way they paint, the colors they choose or the subjects of their paintings. As an artist how did they develop their unique style?

Paint What You Love

If you hate painting portraits of people but love landscapes then paint what you love. There are no hard and fast rules regarding choosing your subject. If sunsets are what inspire you than paint sunsets. If you aren’t enjoying the process of what you are painting you are less likely to continue so don’t force yourself to paint something that you don’t look forward to.

Paint, Paint, Paint

You can’t develop a personal style if you only have one painting. As with anything practice will help develop your skills. You’ll notice there will be a progression with your art after finishing a few paintings. Step back at look at your paintings collectively to notice any similarities.

Assess Yourself

After finishing some paintings you can look in to what similarities and differences there are. What elements do you notice stand out? Are there repeating themes, colors or techniques? Explore why you are choosing to paint the way you do to better understand yourself and your art.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

If you haven’t tried a technique, paint or color combination explore it. Some of the best ideas come from trying random things or stumbling across them by accident. Nothing will change or improve if you don’t take risks.

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