Three ways you can support Austin homeless artists

May 18, 2018

Normally, people hearing about supporting the arts think all that means is they have to donate money to organizations that are both local and regional; however, there are other methods in which support can be shown, especially to artists who are homeless.

Here are three of them to make note of.

Donate Supplies

Whether they're your own that you no longer use or whether you choose to purchase new ones, take the time to donate supplies to the artists so that they can continue to create beautiful work. They will especially appreciate this in the event that some supplies they have are starting to get worn out.

Commission Pieces from Them

One common thing that homeless people need in order to survive is money. This means that by speaking to a homeless artist and commissioning one or more pieces from them, not only will you be able to obtain great artwork for your home, office, etc., but you'll also be able to provide the artists with financial assistance in return for their work, which will help them with such things as buying food, something to drink, etc.

Share the Artist's Work and Your Experience with Them on Social Media

Many people enjoy sharing all sorts of things on social media. You could consider sharing one or more pieces of artwork that you receive from a homeless artist. In turn, this could cause other people to seek out that same artists and commission pieces from them, which can then provide them with enough money to obtain some of the most basic necessities that they need.

Thank you for visiting Art From The Streets blog. Organizations like Art From the Streets rely on the generous donations of people like you to continue helping the Austin homeless community. If you would like to support us purchase some art or donate below.