What is the East Austin Studio Tour?

October 25, 2017

Have you seen signs all over East Austin that say EAST and have a little number on them? Well, you’ve stumbled upon something special. There is a huge art festival happening all over East Austin. This annual, and more importantly, free(!) art festival kicks off soon on the east side of I-35. Over 150 studios, exhibition spaces, and galleries will be opening their doors to the public. Walk or bike around East Austin and check out the magic. This is a great way to build your leg muscles, and your art appreciation muscles!

This will be happening November 11 and 12 from 11AM-6PM. The official boundaries are as follows: East of I-35, West of HHW 183, South of HWY 290, and North of Riverside.

You can see temporary exhibitions and pop-up shows made specifically for EAST in warehouse spaces, homes libraries and unconventional venues. There will also be all kinds of programming, performances, and art themed parties. If you find yourself in an artist studio, you can get a special glimpse into the process these artists go through to make what we all love- beautiful art!

The 2017 theme is flowers. These show an example of peace and regional support in our tumultuous cultural climate. Ten chosen artists for this festival have illustrated one of Texas’ best seasonal flowering plants. This is also in partnership with the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower center.

Though we’re wildly excited about this festival, we’re most excited about our own contribution to it! We will be partnering with CambiaArt for this show, and hope to see you there from 11-6 at 2832 E Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. Our show will be promoting art painted in our studio, Art From The Streets, by our homeless and formerly homeless artists. You can support homeless Austin artists and help them gain economic independence through their own creativity. We hope to see you there!