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      Art From the Streets to Present 30th Annual Art Show and Sale

      Austin Art Show AFTS

      Art From the Streets presents its 30th Annual Show Show and Sale and invites you to celebrate 30 years with them! One of the top art events in Austin to attend this fall, this Austin art show and sale was the first big event hosted by Art From the Streets at the end of its first year as a non-profit outreach program focused on the local homeless population.

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      Art in Austin: the Open Canopy Experience

      Art in Austin Alle Beatty

      Austin, Texas is home to a thriving arts scene, championing the arts as a major societal influence. Canopy, an art complex brimming with a varied group of creatives, occupies a redeveloped warehouse in East Austin. It is one of the pivotal locations in the city for showcasing art and building a connection between art and citizens who are interested in art in Austin.

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      A Few Words About Mixed Media Art

      Mixed Media Art Austin
      Mixed media art has been created for years in Austin, but the practice only became more commonly recognized on its own at the turn of the 20th century during the Post-Modern art period. It developed as innovation in the art world increased, and new and different media arose on the scene, becoming more readily available to artists. Art From The Streets takes a deeper view at mixed media art from the streets of Austin, TX in this week's blog.

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