How to Support Art From The Streets This Holiday Season

November 07, 2019

Every year there is a spike in volunteering around the holiday season. Everyone is in the spirit of giving. Many people have never volunteered their time or money and aren’t sure where to start. Here are some ways you can support Art From the Streets this holiday season and beyond.


Volunteer for Us 

Soup kitchens and food pantries are commonly the first place people think of to donate their time but we need the help too!


27th Annual Show and Sale

 Every year we host a huge art show in Austin to showcase our artists work and sell their work so they can make some money. We need volunteers to help with setup, organizing the art and much more. Whatever your skills we can use them. For more information on this year’s event on Dec. 7-8th visit here.


Open Studio Sessions

We host open free art studio time for Austin homeless residents. While we are finished holding these through the end of this year they will start back up next year and we can always use more volunteers. Submit your information on our volunteer contact page here and we’ll reach out with further instructions.



We host several fundraisers a year that are lots of fun. You can attend as a generous supporter or volunteer your time to help organize the events. We love our volunteers and appreciate the support in whatever way it comes.


Donate Supplies

We are always in need of art supplies. If you would like to know more specifically about what we need you can contact us here and we would be more than happy to provide a list.


Kind Word 

It may seem like a simple gesture but communicating with our artists that you like their work can go a long way. Sometimes all someone needs to get back on their feet is to feel they are accomplishing something and doing something right. If you love a particular artist they may also be open to commissioned work.


Buy Something

This is the best way to support the organization because not only are you supporting the organization but you are supporting the specific artist that painted the art on your new print, t-shirt, tote bag, etc. This provides financial support but also the boost of confidence that many of our artists need.


Art From the Streets rely on generous donations of people like YOU!
Purchasing artwork supports the artists directly.
Donating to our program helps us to offer a free Open Studio
for the homeless and at risk. THANK YOU!

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