The Types of Homelessness

November 28, 2019

Help the homeless in Austin - A common misconception with homelessness is that every homeless person you see has been homeless for a long time. Most people aren't chronically homeless. However, because chronically homeless people are the most visible, people assume that it means most homeless people are chronically homeless. There are actually four types of homelessness.

Chronic Homelessness

This is the most well known type of homelessness. Chronic homelessness is defined as being homeless for longer than a year. Many times, people struggling with chronic homeless have something that is preventing them from fighting their way out of it wether that be mental illness, a physical disability or addiction specifically. They are typically older people.

Episodic Homelessness

Episodic homelessness can turn in to chronic homelessness. It's defined as a person that has experienced three episodes of homelessness within a given year. After four episodes within a year they are classified as chronically homeless. Episodic homelessness usually afflicts younger people that are fighting health issues or addiction.

Transitional Homelessness

This is one of the more common types of homelessness. This form of homelessness is defined as affecting a person that is going through a major life change or catastrophic event. Many times when people lose their jobs suddenly and unexpectedly they can face transitional homelessness while they look for a new job.

Hidden Homelessness

Help the homeless in Austin - Hidden homelessness often goes unreported. These are individuals that are couch-surfing without immediate prospects for permanent housing. They will often rely on relatives or friends for a place to live. Since they never access homeless support resources they are never included in national statistics. Art From the Streets rely on generous donations of people like YOU!


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