What to Do if You Are Facing Homelessness

December 12, 2019

Any period of time where you don’t know if you will be homeless or not is stressful and can be terrifying. If you believe you are facing homelessness in a few weeks or a few days there are things you can do to prepare and resources you should utilize. The most important thing to do is to not panic.

According to CareerBuilder, nearly 80% of the US population lives paycheck to paycheck. Meaning the majority of the country is one missed paycheck away from transitional homelessness. All this to say, you are not alone in your situation.

Reach Out to Local Resources

If you live in Austin there are lots of available resources that are tailored to your situation depending on your age, gender, financial struggle, family size, race, etc. These can be found here. Start calling around and making connections as soon as you believe you will need it. Apply for transitional housing, public housing or section 8 assistance ASAP.

Update Your ID

A current ID is needed for a lot of steps along the way during homelessness. Many employers and state programs have strict ID requirements. Have a copy of your social security card on hand as well.

Store Your Stuff

Almost every shelter has limits on the amount of luggage you can take. Anything more than two bags for you or one per child won’t be permitted. See if you can store your stuff with a friend or relative. If not many storage units offer promos for a few months free or start selling your stuff.
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